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    Cherie Sullivan

    Conjuring the Flesh
    (Pledged to Magic, #2)
    by Brandon Fox

    Conjuring the Flesh : CLICK HERE

    • Format: paperback, 191 pages
    • Language: english
    • Genres: fantasy, gay, paranormal, erotica, romance
    • Series: Pledged to Magic, #2
    • ISBN: 9780943595795 (0943595797)
    • Author: Brandon Fox
    • Publisher: Leyland Publications
    • Release date: November 1, 1998

    About The Book

    Pledged to Magic: Book 2

    Ander’s days as a musician in a hall of companions are over. Initiation into a secret band of mages strained Ander’s body and dazzled his senses, but mastering the ecstasy required to perform magic was only part of the challenge. Fighting a tyrant’s scheme to seize the vast power concealed in the magical realm had nearly cost his life — and joining forces with Thane, the leader of the mages who use pleasure to gain power, has definitely cost him his heart.

    Ander’s talent as a musician and his budding prowess with sex magic are no match for an empire’s legions, and even Thane’s brilliant plans can’t defeat the zamindar and his fearsome weapons. Ander and Thane will have to not only take their powers of ecstasy to new heights, but also confront Thane’s painful past, a past that may contain the key to overthrowing the tyranny that threatens not just them, but all they hold dear.

    Second Edition

    First Edition published by Leyland Publications (June 1997)

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